Networking Services

Networking Services

Grade-A Computer Services are committed to providing reliable, and highly secured wired and wireless networks. We know that you data is extremely valuable and needs to be secure, and with the constant onslaught of viruses, and hackers trying to get to your data and identity, we try ensure proper and high security to avoid being compromised.

Grade-A Computer Services will help you figure out what you need to setup your home or business with a customized wired or wireless network(s). We'll come to your home or business, and determine what your network will need based on your specific requirements to support your networking needs.

Network Repair Services

Grade-A Computer Services IT Specialists will quickly diagnose the problem(s) you are experiencing, and quickly repair the networking issue, and get you back up and running smoothly, and secured.

Wireless Networking

We can setup or assist you in setting up your home or business wireless network, making sure that wireless network is very secure, allowing you protect your private information, and identity.

Streaming Media Services

Grade-A Computer Services technical engineers can also setup your media or surround sound systems, and your media content to your devices such as your HDTV. We can setup streaming your media across a networked PC, Server, or Storage device.

Our IT Specialists can also setup your devices to stream your data & media content through your home or business internet connection through the cloud, using remote access through internet connected devices, anywhere in the world.